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Control Module Warframe farming guide

Control modules are used in warframe mods (build your own suit) to give the suit more abilities depending on type of module. They are usually found in missions that have a high level requirement for players due to their restricted drop rate .Warframes can be traded between players or sold in market depending on the price they are being sold for. Warframes that have no or very low use to players are usually traded off. This trade includes trading warframes with control modules, however most of these modules are not farmable and can cost a lot of platinum if bought from the market.

What is a control module and why do you need it for Warframe farming?

A control module is a warframe mods that give the suit 2 or more new abilities. They are usually found in missions which have a level requirement of 25+ due to their low drop rate. Most players will use these modules on their main warframes that they use often or invest money into buying them from market if it is required for an end-game mission.

Normally, control modules come in pairs or even triplets. This means you can get a minimum of 4 new abilities on a warframe with a single control module.

Where to find control modules in the game?

Control modules are found in high level missions. However, they are not guaranteed drops from any mission and can take a long time to farm if luck is against you. There are some known farming spots where players get control modules on a regular basis though carrying these methods out for extended periods of time can be tedious or even boring at times so what I recommend most players to do is invest a small amount of plat into a popular trading site that specializes in selling and buying warframes.

You can also buy these modules from other players at the market if you have enough platinum to spare however this will cost you a lot more money than if you were to find them yourself through farming.

How to farm for control modules quickly and easily?

The best way to farm for these modules is by playing a "Weekly Mission" on a planet where the enemies have a chance of dropping control modules. The rewards rotate every week so be sure to check before you start farming for them in case you get unlucky and just waste your time on a farming mission that doesn't reward any units or resources you need.

The best way to find out when a new farming mission becomes available is by subscribing to the Warframe alerts in your inbox so you will receive a prompt when it's time for your chosen planet to have a farming rotation.

Where to farm control modules?

There are many places where you can farm for control modules. The best place I found is on the planet Eris in the Nemesis mission which requires a level 30+ to play and has a small chance of dropping all types of control modules belonging to various Warframes.

Most players who use this farming method usually start at night time when there is a higher chance of finding a rare enemy responsible for dropping the control modules that you need.

where to farm control module warframe

On the market, warframe mods can cost a lot of platinum and most players don't have that much money to spare. This is why it's important for them to farm their control modules instead so they can use it later on when required.

Most players will use the fastest and easiest farming method available which is playing a weekly mission on their planet of choice. This way they won't waste any time just to find out that there isn't a rotation for control modules and can be done in around an hour or two depending on how lucky you get when it comes to killing enemies.


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